Posted by: stgeorgemassage | July 2, 2016

Stop Human Trafficking


A plague has hit our community. You may have thought that slavery ended with the Civil War, but you would be wrong. The Department of Homeland Security has made “Human Trafficking” one of their strongest priorities and 2nd only to the drug trade in scope and illegal profiteering. You would never think that this would be a problem in little, wholesome St George Utah but there are now 7, yes Seven  Asian Massage Parlors operating  with slave labor in Washington County.

These business are operated by organized crime out of Asia and most recently by the drug cartels out of latin america. These women are brought here illegally into the US under fake documents often to work off a debt owed by their families back home. They are moved around the country to work in various establishments. They are kept under constant surveillance are cannot move freely in the community either from fear of immigration or fear of their watch dogs.

There was a good show about this on NatGeo recently that focused on INS agents trying to intercept these girls at airports from incoming flights from Asia. Unfortunately, there is so much of this going on that government agencies are not making a dent. Then you have a community like ours. We are so far from any enforcement agencies in Salt Lake that there is no help for our community. We need public outcry to make a difference, not unlike Mesquite, Nevada did years ago putting a stop to Adult XXX shops.

For us, legitimate massage therapists, this is a huge step backwards for a profession that has had to work hard to be accepted as therapeutic alternative health care. It throws us back to the illegal Massage parlors of Times Square and the image that “Masseuse” meant Hooker. That is one reason we prefer the title Massage Therapist in the modern day.

Closer to home, if Las Vegas is doing it why isn’t our law enforcement?

Not only are these types of businesses making it unsafe for legitimate therapist, but we must have some compassion for these slaves who brought here to work under terrible conditions and forced to do things that no human should endure. I call on you to quit looking at these business as harmless. Talk to your local representatives (this is an election year) anyone can file a complaint with the State (you can be anonymous), talk to Law enforcement. Because we failed to do that we have gone from 2 of these businesses in the past year to 7. We will see more as organized crime sees that they can operate here without close inspection. This is not harmless, this is not about consenting adults when these girls are forced into this work as slaves. Even if there is no sex involved and it just involves a foot rub, these girls are not receiving the money or is the labor they do helping them to have material gain. They are slaves.

Take a look at Craigslist and you will see that the ads here match the ads in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles. The same pictures, the same wording “Body Massage” “Combo Massage” “Pretty Asian Staff”, one here describes their staff as “Seductive” (can you think of any use of that word that does not have sexual connotations?). All these ads are as interchangeable as these girls.

I hope this has educated you. I worry about the world. I care which way our profession is headed in the future. I hope you will help us elevate our community.



  1. Let us also add the under payment of licensed therapists onto this list of plagues…

    • If people are willing to accept $22 per hour from a world class resort like Red Mountain Spa when comparable resorts in Park City are paying almost twice that or if they are willing to settle for $11-$17 from Massage Envy then the only solution is education. Since, like you, my business is owned and operated by a LMT, my payroll runs at least 60% of sales because I understand who does the work in the massage room.

  2. Another plague upon us due to open borders.

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