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February Newsletter


Happy Valentines Day


Show your Love with the gift of a

Therapeutic Massage from any of our

fine Therapists at

$80 Couples Massage

Free Balloon with $25.00 or more purchase

Gift Certificates starting at $10.00


We welcome to our staff: Suzette Gutierrez, LMT. She is a welcome addition with great training and skills. Ask for her for your next massage, you’ll be glad you did.

New Class announcement:


Love Potion’s: Essential Oils

Wednesday, February 8th at 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

$5.00 (includes a sample sized blend)


Through the ages we have been fascinated with the idea of love potions.

A magic elixar that creates instant love or passion.

Does Love Potion #9 really exist?

We know that scent plays a major role in the art of passion.

We also know that essential oils can have noticeable effects on our moods and physical responses.

Come and learn about our body’s responses to essentials oils.  Shop for that special Valentine’s gift.

Diane Biasi

Facebook: Diane’s doTERRA essential oils



The movement class that teaches you how to exercise without pain or injury.

Your body is your best dance partner, if you lead, it will follow”

  • Your body was designed to work with Gravity

  • Soft tissue can be reformed and repatterned

  • You can correct posture and body imbalances

  • Make any exercise more fun and pain free

  • Increase performance, strength and balance

    WHEN: Class held Tuesdays 10 am

WHERE: Dixie Arts Conservatory

212 North 1000 East. St George, UT

first class is FREE then drop in for any class for $6.00 each

Bring yoga mat or beach towel

wear loose, work out clothes

call 435 215 3480 to register


We are forming Posture Up classes for Saturday morning and a possible evening class. Let us know of your interest. This is unlike any other body-mind class anywhere.



To Book a Massage or if you have any questions.. call anytime at 435 215-3480________________________________________________________________________________________

Posture Up

Your missing out on a revolutionary experience if you haven’t yet dropped in on our Tuesday Morning class. Perhaps you don’t yet understand what the class is all about. Throughout my training in Structural Bodywork and applying this knowledge in over 5000 massages, I have helped many clients by teaching them exercises and stretches to over come pain. Honestly, most people forget how to do this “homework” by the time they drive home. To that end I have developed a class that teaches people how to use their bodies more effective without doing damage and causing pain to the joints.

Good posture just isn’t emphasized in the world today. As a result we have whole new generations that are suffering from aches and pains (most commonly in the neck and shoulders) from hours of repetitious actions such as keyboarding, texting, driving. What people don’t know, what isn’t being preached to them is that ALL of this pain and damage is totally preventable and reversible. Even your Doctor doesn’t know this because it is not part of their training. Face it, the western medical establishment doesn’t deal out health, they are trained to do damage control. Most doctors will never see a healthy person or one who has gotten better and because of that many will never see an example of unassisted healing.

So, because of this I have decided to be a voice to let you know that you can change your body. Soft tissue can be repatterned and reformed at any time in your life. You can overcome the pain associated with wear and tear and rebuild tissue. It’s never fun having a pain in the neck, but even more so when you finally come to the understanding that you caused it, you amplify it, and you can easily correct it. It is not a question of whether to exercise, it’s learning to exercise “Pain Free” and making sure your day to day movements and posture supports longevity with a real hope that mobility won’t be compromised.

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This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is …..
Mike Ebert (he entered on January 25th, you should too)

It pays to enter every month…pass it on!

*note drawing winners must claim their free massage within 30 days of winning

Remember to enter again each month click here to enter 


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