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December Newsletter

ImageHappy Holidays

Did “Black Friday” stress you out? Stress free holiday shopping is now available with 2 for 1 gift certificates on sale

 through Christmas. Any of our massage specialties to fit your budget. Buy one for someone you love and keep one for

No classes scheduled until after the Holidays.
We welcome your suggestions for future classes
The Posture Shirt is a big hit! We are now offering a new and cutting edge product that re-enforces everything with have

 taught you about overcoming neck and shoulder pain. Introducing the “Posture Shirt” by Align Med. For a limited time

 you can get this innovative new product at a 10% discount by entering our promo code “MRFMASSAGE” ask about it on

 your next visit for a massage. We have samples that you can try before you order online and look for testimonials from

 real people like you!
Get super deals on massages to make your holiday shopping bight and less stressful! Go to our website to learn more

To Book a Massage or if you have any questions.. call anytime at 435 215-3480


In today’s world the internet is becoming more and more vital. It certainly has been key to our success and we work hard to

 stay up with all the trends and flow of the electronic superhighway. You have helped us grow by telling your friends.

 Visitors and newcomers to town put a lot of stock in reviews of restaurants, store, even movies. The same is true of our

 business. If you want to help us grow and earn free massage upgrades of either a doTerra Aroma-touch or a 30 minute

 add-on to your massage, then tell people about your positive experience with us at 


and be sure follow our business page on Facebook

Our success this past year is because of you and we thank you!
Overcoming the Holiday blues
For many people this time of the year is associated with joy, but for many others it reopens wounds, grief,or sadness. It’s hard for some to deal with
 feelings that come to visit each year, not unlike the Ghost of Christmas past that visited Ebeneezer Scrooge in Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”. All the more
 reason to have compassion towards others in this season.
Granted some of this can be self inflicted by having too much on the schedule. Parties, Shopping, indulging in too many goodies. We do it every year.
 Some of the problem may well be not being able to simply say “no”, and most certainly we also don’t know when to say “yes” to doing something nice and
 healthful for ourselves. Make sure to take time to rest. Don’t shop till you drop. Don’t eat till you burst. If you take care of yourself then you’ll have more
 energy to spend helping others. Do find balance. Look for opportunities to make a difference. Give gifts that empower life.
Get to know someone new in your neighborhood. Discover “Random Acts of Kindness”.
Wishing you all the Joy and Happiness that this season promises. Smile and pass it on!
Watch out for Big Brother! If you have an MSN, Hotmail, or Live account, chances are your newsletter is not getting to

 you. Microsoft has taken it on themselves to block access to e-mails rather than letting you decide if something is spam or

 not. To avoid interruption of getting this monthly newsletter update your e-mail to another free service such as google

 (gmail) or Yahoo, or you “like” us on facebook to get notifications of our month news and specials.

This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is ….. 
Dale Jensen (he entered on November 11th, you should too)

It pays to enter every month…pass it on!

*note drawing winners must claim their free massage within 30 days of winning
Remember to enter again each month click here to enter 

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