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November Newsletter

We salute our Veterans and those who serve…
Please visit our booth at Senior Week Friday and Saturday November 11 & 12th at the Washington City Rec Center. This event is helping to raise funds for the new Veterans home being build for our area. There will many vendors during the expo and events all week sponsored by the Senior Sampler. We will be launching our Holiday specials during the event, so get your Xmas shopping early with 2 for 1 gift certificates.

The Aura & Chakra Balancing, which has been one of our most popular classes, will be repeated Sunday November 20th from 1pm till 5pm. This exciting mini seminar will teach what the “Aura” is how to sense and see it. You will also learning how to sense the energy centers of the body called the “chakras” and how to balance and increase the energy flows of the body. Class is just $20. If you have attended in the past, you can retake the class again for FREE by bringing someone new.

We welcome your suggestions for future classes

We will be repeating our “Pain Free Movement” class soon and hope to have full exercise classes starting in January. You can get some of the same information Friday 11/11/11 at 11:30am at the Senior Week Expo.

We are now offering a new and cutting edge product that re-enforces everything with have taught you about overcoming neck and shoulder pain. Introducing the “Posture Shirt” by Align Med. For a limited time you can get this innovative new product at a 10% discount for details visit our website or ask about it on your next visit for a massage.

Get super deals on massages to make your holiday shopping bight and less stressful! Go to our website to learn more
To Book a Massage or if you have any questions.. call anytime at 435 215-3480

In today’s world the internet is becoming more and more vital. It certainly has been key to our success and we work hard to stay up with all the trends and flow of the electronic superhighway. You have helped us grow by telling your friends. Visitors and newcomers to town put a lot of stock in reviews of restaurants, store, even movies. The same is true of our business. If you want to help us grow and earn free massage upgrades of either a doTerra Aroma-touch or a 30 minute add-on to your massage, then tell people about your positive experience with us at
Yahoo local:
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and be sure follow our business page on Facebook
Our success this past year is because of you and we thank you!
Living a Joyful Life
My favorite word for many years has been “Joy”. It always amazes me how such a small word so perfectly expresses a beautiful emotional state of being. The older I get the more the pursuit of joy has taken priority in my life. I directly attribute this pursuit to the success how business has been experienced this past couple of years. I no longer desire to invest time, energy, or thought to matters that keep joy at a distance. How blessed I am to be practicing a profession that helps people eliminated pain from their life and assists them on empowering health. How rewarding to see the smiles on peoples faces when they come out of their massage sessions by any of our talented therapists. They know that we care about them.
When I teach the “Mind, Money and Power” class we discuss how you can never really create something that you “want or need”. Just saying”I want this…” or “I need this…” reaffirms to the subconscious mind that you are in a state of lack. Even reforming how we say something boosts the harmony of creating that thing in our life. Example: for most people you can never really “LOSE” weight..losing weight is kinda like losing your car keys…eventually you will find them again, they are usually never really lost, just misplaced. So it is with weight. You never really lose it, it just comes back to again later. Better to “Release” the weight. To let it go, which comes not so much from what you eat but rather from how you change your perception of yourself. That is why Diets don’t work but “Live-its” do. Its really about a lifestyle change and changing the way you feel and interact with food. I know people who bless their food every meal and then after they say Amen they totally negate that blessing by saying something like “I know this isn’t very good for me” or “a minute on the lips and ten years on the hips”.
This is true with any aspect of our lives. I now pursue the Joyful life because I quit working for a living, instead I am committed to letting my living work for me. I know longer invest time in doing things I don’t love. I don’t worry about making money ( I let the US Mint worry about that) instead I allow the universe to reward me for energy I invest in the things I love doing. Gratitude is a huge part of that. Gratitude doesn’t allow you much time to worry about the economy and gratitude is a building block for success.
For the first time in my adult life I am worthy enough to be successful just for me. In the past, my success has been wrapped around taking care of others (bringing home the bacon) but being single and with the kids grown adds a new dimension. Celebrating my success and adding to my joy also means doing things that I love and that enhance the quality of my life like getting regular massages. Other things and a shout out to Sue over at “Pilates on Main” for my regular work outs, Katie Powell (The Powell Method) for voice coaching, Adan and Robin over at Optimum Health for my sessions in the hyperbaric chamber. It feels good to take care of myself with these things.
This year when you hear “Joy to World” take time to reflect on what you are doing to bring more joy into the lives of others. If that brings a smile to your face, build on it; if you don’t have enough to smile about then consider what you can do to build a more joyful life.
In order to be loved, first make yourself lovable…..
Remember, Sports Massage is essential if you plan to get more active with this great weather. Come see us to stay injury free and improve exercise results!
This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is …..
Barbara Armbruster (she entered on October 12th, you should too)
It pays to enter every month…pass it on!
*note drawing winners must claim their free massage within 30 days of winning
Remember to enter again each month click here to enter



  1. Come to Our booth at Senior Week November 11th & 12th at the Washington Rec Center!

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