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Happy 4th of July!

July Newsletter

Come celebrate our first anniversary!

We are having an “Open House &  Client Appreciation Day” and fund raising “Yard/Parking” lot sale Saturday July 9th from 8am until 1pm.  Come join the fun as we have $5 massages, $5 card readings, drawings for massages and all kinds of great stuff. Our special guest will be Debbie Barimonde who will be doing $5 Chinese face readings. We welcome donations for the yard sale which is being held to raise money for new supplies/linens etc so that we can continue to keep our massage prices low and affordable. In addition, you can purchase 2 for 1 massages ($60) from Michael at this event only, See you there!

Name Power” which combines Handwriting analysis and Numerology with the practical understanding of what our names mean and how to use this knowledge to project the influence you desire in your life and business dealings. Saturday July 16th 12pm -4 pm only $10.00 for this dynamic workshop. Advance registration is required.

*space is available for your group or class, let us know when to put you on the calendar


Want a FREE massage in July? Our best clients come from referrals from people like you that spread the news about the great bodywork we offer. Here’s how to earn free massages in July: for every NEW client you refer in July you will receive a free 30 minute massage. You can use this to get a Half price hour massage or turn a hour massage into a 90 minute session. 2 referrals get you an hour, 3 gets you 90 minutes and so on. So pass this newsletter on to family, co-workers and make sure they tell us that YOU sent them!

Get sizzlin’ deals on massages all summer long! Go to our website to learn more

Our success this past year is because of you and we thank you!


Is Gravity getting you down?

“Astronauts lose muscle mass from even short periods in weightlessness”

Our system of skeletal and muscle systems were designed to efficiently work in a gravity environment. Unfortunately, most us do not use this system correctly and most of our chronic aches and pains come from poor posture and not using our muscles correctly with the force of gravity. Gravity is a constant that we cannot turn off, nor do we want too. Our muscles need the pull of gravity strengthen and build muscle tissue. They were designed to work together and each muscle has a specific task that it was designed to do.

Where we get into trouble is when we don’t use the muscles the way they were designed. The body has a way of creating a structure based on how we move and what we demand of the muscles. Example: forward rotated shoulders. Because of the way we are built; being bipedal, forward focusing eyes, tactile use of the hands; most humans eventually get shoulders that have short tissue in the front (pectoralis) and over stretched/lengthened tissue in the rear (rhomboids). Ideally these two groups should form a concentric diamond shape <>. The most common complaint I get is soreness in the upper back/neck region just because of this. Invariably, the back tissue is over stretched with micro tears that we commonly call “knots” while the chest tissue is tight and shorted and painful to manipulate. Even though it feels good to work the muscles of the back, the only true permanent relief you can get is by working the chest muscles and lengthening that tissue to bring balance between front and rear compartments of shoulders. There are seven muscles in the rotator cuff of the shoulder and when they are all properly engaged the shoulder becomes the one joint with the most mobility. Most of us only actually use 4 to 5 of these muscles so that we ask some muscles to do a greater share of the work while others “sleep”. Over use of certain muscle is the most common wear and tear that translates into pain. This is the reason that fast ball pitchers like Nolan Ryan have long careers while curve ball pitchers like Sandy Koufax have elbow and shoulders problems and shorter careers. It’s all about mechanics not about how hard you throw.

Working sports massage at Triathlons and Marathons, I can even assess how runners aren’t properly using leg muscles by where they get cramps. Someone who runs “shuffle footed” by not fully bending their knee generally gets hamstring cramps from not engaging their Quads enough. This may also be exaggerated by running up or down hills. All in all, the muscles don’t lie and you don’t have to be “House, MD” to figure out what went wrong with the runners form.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from postural/structural coaching. We all are subject to the effects of gravity. Most people who have poor posture or balance/movement problems don’t even know what good posture for their structure is. We all hear the voice of our Mom in our head telling us to “stand up straight” or “don’t slouch” but few of us have ever been shown what good standing up straight posture is. There was a reason for the “charm schools” of the past where young girls were taught to move with balance and grace while balancing a book on their head. We find good structure appealing and bad posture unattractive. Good structure is healthy and athletic, while poor posture is weak and awkward. What we do with our bodies shapes and defines us. Forensic scientists can tell what a person did for a living by the build up of bone tissue were the muscle attached. Cowboys get bowlegged from all that time in the saddle (wear high heeled cowboy boots didn’t help much either). My point is that the body is an amazing machine that will do the tasks we ask of it. If you think that your bad posture is genetic, you are wrong. It comes from patterning yourself and the way you stand and move from other members of the family. If you think that there is nothing you can do about the years of abuse that have shaped the body you now have, you are wrong. You can repattern how you move and use your muscles.

We can help. We have been trained in “Movement Assessment” and from the feet up we can help you be more effective in how you deal with gravity. We can help you with body work that lengthens short tissue and by teaching you repatterning exercises that increase mobility and balance. Since we can’t turn off gravity, we can do the next best thing when you are finally sick and tired of being sick and tired, and that is teach you how to move better with a lot less pain.

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Remember, Sports Massage is essential if you plan to get more active with this great weather. Come see us to stay injury free and improve exercise results!


This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is (we are give away 3 this month in honor of our 1st anniversay…see you should have entered!)
Jana Garrett (she entered on June 6th, you should too)

Suzanne Wynn (she entered on June 11th, you should too)

James Southworth (he entered on June 5th, you should too)

It pays to enter every month…pass it on!

*note drawing winners must claim their free massage within 30 days of winning


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