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June Newsletter

Fathers Day“  Get Dad “Grillin’ & Chillin'”, Dad is gonna love our special gift packages. We are teaming up with Dave’s Direct home of the All Natural Meat Co-op for massage and the best Piedmontese beef (extra lean and tender) that Dad can grill. We have packages starting at $22.50 (just massage for our vegan friends, retail value $30.00) and beef and massage packages at only $44.00 (retail value $69.95) All packages can be upgraded, for all the Father’s Day packages visit our website.

Partners Massage” Weds June 8th 6 pm -8 pm learn awesome massage techniques you can use at home with your partner. Space is limited to just 5 couples at only $20.00 per couple. Advance registration is required.

Mind, Money, & Power Thursday June 16th 7 pm this class is FREE. Stop working for a living and learn to let your living work for you. This is a must attend event for sales professionals, entrepeneurs, and anyone who wants to learn the keys to a successful life. for more info

Aura and Energy Balancing Saturday June 18th 12 noon til 4pm $15.00. Learn how to see, feel, and interpret the energies that are part of our physical self.

*space is available for your group or class, let us know when to put you on the calendar


We welcome Crystal Buck, LMT to our staff . Crystal has been working as a LMT since 2005 with great experience that can really make a difference in your wellness goals.
Thanks to all of you for making May 2011 our best month yet. We put in over 175 massage hours in May. We are grateful for all the referrals that are helping us grow at a pace far exceeding our expectations.


Chasing illness or empowering wellness?

the most import ingredient you can have for good health is hope”

The primary difference between traditional Western medicine and alternative approaches is attitude and philosophy. Debates will rage on over technology and protocols but the true difference is really about objectives.

Western medicine is still relatively new in both practice and concept with most advances occurring in a matter of decades. Alternative medicine is based on traditions that are based on centuries of practice and application.

Western medicine focus is on symptoms and overcoming disease. If something doesn’t work properly, remove it, either by surgery or by pharmaceuticals. Much as I love the TV show “House” the forensic focus is on tracking down symptoms in a Sherlock Holmes fashion. The attitude is one of eliminating disease.There are times when this is the perfect approach but often it is not because in order for your doctor to be a detective they are reliant on information that only you can give. The old saying “physician heal thyself”, to me means that each of us must be our own physician. Ultimately, we are the ones who bear the responsiblity for our own health care, even the when, where, who, and how of the care “we” initiate is dependant on our decision making process. The public service ad of recent years encouraging people to ask questions of their doctor is key to what I’m communicating about who has the responsibility for your health care.

Alternative medicine at it’s best has a holistic approach that looks at the entire person. Rather than focusing on the disease or malfunction, the focus is on bringing the body back into balance. The attitude is one of empowering wellness. Homeostasis is the state of being harmonious with wellness. It is based on the belief that the body wants to function in a state of wellness, therefore, the treatment is about assisting the healing process.

Massage is a treatment that bridges both approaches. Injury massage is about addressing malfunction caused by trauma. Therapeutic massage is all about assisting the bodies healing process. Massage is an effective companion modality for both approaches and represents a tool you can utilize no matter what your healthcare approach is.

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Remember, Sports Massage is essential if you plan to get more active with this great weather. Come see us to stay injury free and improve exercise results!


This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is
Delene Brimhall (she entered on May 24th, you should too)

It pays to enter every month…pass it on!

*note drawing winners must claim their free massage within 30 days of winning


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