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February Newsletter

Many Lives, Many Loves” Thursday February 10th 7 pm FREE

Just in time for Valentines Day, learn about soul mates and karmic relationships. Answer the question “Have we loved before”?

Becoming Dream Masters Tuesdays beginning February 15th 7pm through March 22nd. $5.00 each class or all 6 for $25.00

Our most popular class is repeated by popular demand. Learn what you dreams mean, how to recall dreams better, improve sleep, and program your dreams for help in your waking life.

Trinity Seminars Workshop Saturday February 26th 12-4pm $10.00

Learn the power of the group mind to accelerate learning, increase intuition, channel the energies around us, and enhance spiritual growth. Based on the Trinity Seminars developed in the 1970’s, thousands have benefited from this dynamic workshop.

call 435 215-3480 to reserve your space for these dynamic class or visit

*space is available for your group or class, let us know when to put you on the calendar


SWEET HEART massage deals all February!

doTerra Aroma- Touch Chakra Therapy $18.00

a great add-on to any massage or use as a brief pick me up session to rebalance and reenergize.

30 minute Massage $25.00

Full Hour Massage $40.00

Couple Massage $80.00 (Same room, 2 therapists, same time)


Date Night every Friday & Saturday in February with extended hours for “Couples Massage” only!


We Can Make a Difference!

I am sitting in my hotel room this morning in Provo providing sports massage for High School swim team athletes at State finals. I love the enthusiasm of these teenagers and hope to make a difference as I warm up their bodies for optimal performance, help them recover, and stretch them to prevent injury.

There is a way you can make a difference too. There has been a lot of focus on “Buying Local” and helping local business. Let me suggest one for you. Most of you have followed my exploits with SGMT and other plays I have been in over the past few years. It’s one of my passions and a way to give back to this community. A person of great influence and a passion for the arts is Maria Vaccaro Bithell. She has been the choreographer for SGMT and responsible for teaching and guiding the performers. A great example was the phenomenal “Tap dancing” in “Singing in the Rain”. Here is a note I got from Maria yesterday that you should be aware of:

Hey all, hope everyone is doing GREAT!! As you may know I am know what use to be Center Stage is now Dixie Arts Conservatory (Kidz on Stage/Dixie Dance). We are still a non-profit studio and offer a huge variety of classes starting at age 1-Adult for extremely low prices. I am running a one man show now that Heather Hunt has moved out of state to start her new and exciting life. We have never and will never turn any student away due to finances as quite a few of our current students have experienced from other studio’s in town.
This is my passion in life and I am honored to teach and share my love and knowledge of the arts with everyone.
I have tried to start a sponsor a student program through the studio to help some of these kids out with their tuition. This semester I have encountered some absolutely incredibly talented kids who have found a love for dance and musical theater. Some of which struggle financially due to unemployment and health issues.
Some examples: Katie has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and was told she shouldn’t have even made it this far. To see this young lady in class is a true blessing, she is so alive and has the biggest smile on her face through the entire class. Her grandparents take care of her and her medical bills have drowned them.
Jordan 9yr little dude always wanted to tap. We found him a pair of shoes and it was like Christmas morning when he put them on, plus he a true tapper.
I could go on and on with many more. I scholarship and trade as much as I can for these students but it doesn’t pay the bills. I am writing you today to see if any would be interested in helping. As a sponsor your personal/business name will appear on all posters/programs and website. ($25 a month for the 1hr class). The students, parents and I would greatly appreciate your support. If you know of any other persons/businesses who would love to be involved please pass this on.

I sincerely thank you,

Maria Vaccaro/Bithell

*Not only does Maria have a great influence on the youth in our community but you should know she offers “Adult Tap” and other classes you might be interested as well. Let her know you heard about her here. Help out this local business so that it doesn’t go away. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Happy Valentines Day!


This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is
Ashley Christensen(she entered on January 30th, you should too)

It pays to enter every month…pass it on!

*note drawing winners must claim their free massage within 30 days of winning


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