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January Newsletter

“Name Power” Saturday January 29th 12pm – 4 pm $10.00

Learn what your name means, what you are doing with the power it is in your life, how to make changes in your life through your signature.

Using a unique combination of Numerology, Hand writing analysis, and simple repatterning exercises you can learn to come out a winner in the “Name Game”. You won’t get this information anywhere else and you will be amazed and amused by the simplicity of Name Power.

call 435 215-3480 to reserve your space for this dynamic class or visit

“Acupuncture Clinic is on Tuesday January 11th with Will Christensen, DC from 1 pm til 5pm. Acupuncture sessions are available at a discount of just $40.00. Call us at 435 215-3480 to book.

The doTerra group is meeting at the Center Tuesday January 11th at 7 pm to discuss uses of essential oils in stress management. Discover the many uses of essential oils that are pure herbal remedies from natures medicine cabinet. class is open to everyone and is FREE

The southern Utah chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association is having a “Meet & Greet”  January 20th at 7 pm at The Center for all professional body workers and massage students. We will be discussing plans for bringing continuing education classes to southern Utah over the next year.


January Massage special

2 full hour massages for $77.00


Why Golf is like Life.

I love to play golf. I’m not especially good at it but that just doesn’t matter. There is a joy in the beauty of the outdoors and getting away for a little while. Even when I was able to play as often as 3 times a week when I lived in Texas in the 1990’s, I never managed to shoot better than the high to mid 80’s. Today when I’m lucky to play a half-dozen times a year, I don’t think I often even break 100. With a wicked slice and many other short comings you’d probably wonder what brings me back for such frustration. It takes a golfer to know, there’s even a favorite joke that says it all; it goes- “Why do they call it Golf? (answer) because all the other four letter words were taken”. We share the joy of our pain.

It’s not the errant shots that move us, rather it’s the those ones that near perfection. That 30 foot putt that goes in the hole, the drive that is straight and long, the chip shot that bounces off the flag stick. It’s in those rare moments in a round that make us look like the pro that gets us back for another round.

This is becoming my new philosophy for a joyful life. This past year I have seen more joy and happiness than I have ever before. I have decided to do only those things that I love and live with the faith that if I do that success and prosperity will follow. Doing this requires that I approach life like I approach golf. Build on the times I hit the sweet spot. You see, you always have choices. You can dwell on the hardships of life or allow yourself to be uplifted by every success you experience. enthusiasm and joy are contagious. There are a million cliché’ sayings such as “Nothing succeeds like success” or “to be loved you must first be lovable”. Truthfully, in my wise old age I’m finally getting comfortable with life. It is no longer a battle against the forces of evil but rather a celebration of every achievement that reinforces that you are on the right path and doing some good in the world. Like the old saying, “even a bad day at golf is better than a day at work”, I have learned to quit working and have fun. Now, however, I have also allowed my worthiness to catch up with joy quotient so that the things I love and have fun doing provide for the success we are experiencing.

PS: my apologies to my friend Jim. I no longer turn on my phone when I am golfing. You see, I am learning.


We now offer FREE WiFi at The Center. Recently, one of our clients downloaded 3 books on her Kindle while she sat in our waiting area while her husband was getting his massage. Bring your laptop and enjoy the peace and tranquility of our facility. Been awhile since you had a massage? Enjoy our special this month only and get back in the groove of good health. We have missed You!


This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is
Tammy Gentry (she entered on December 19th, you should too)

It pays to enter every month…pass it on!

*note drawing winners must claim their free massage within 30 days of winning


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