Posted by: stgeorgemassage | March 13, 2010

March Matchness

March Newsletter

This month cut out coupons, whip out your Dixie Direct, bring in your massage membership. We will simply match any current massage offer from any licensed massage therapist here in St. George. Dollar for dollar we want you to experience what is hands down (pun intended) the best massage in Southern Utah.

“The Aura & Energy Balancing” a one day mini-seminar is Saturday March 20 from 12 pm (noon) until 4 pm at Mojo Underground Dixie Commons 1644 South Dixie Drive. Workshop is $10.00 (pre-registration recommended) for more information click here


Remember the Employee and Senior special rates are still available through me. Always make sure you call  me at 435 215-3480 to book your appointment.

What is the Aura?

Recently, I was watching a “Universe” episode on the National Geographic channel that was on the planet Jupiter. In it was a description of the immense energy fields that are produced by Jupiter (quite different than gravity or magnetic fields) that reach far out to space and would be deadly to space explorers on the near moons. Earth has similar fields that protect us from the cosmic rays produced by our own Sun but let in the beneficial elements of life giving sunlight. The inter-reaction of these rays and the field are what cause the dazzling light shows in the arctic regions known as the “Aurora Borealis”. similarly, all lifeforms that have any mass also produce energy fields. We can be aware of these energy fields but it takes practice and training to sense them on more than just the instinct level.

And there is no doubt we have instincts that sense energies around us. These senses can even stimulate physiological responses in us such as the danger response that causes the hairs on the back of our neck to stand up, yes, just like a cat or growling dog; this is a natural “flight or fight” response we get that triggers the Arrector pili muscles in the hair follicle to contract  giving us goosebumps. We have catch phrases that describe this reaction (ie: he gives me the creeps’ or heebie  jeebies or willies) because it’s a common experience to all people whether or not you pay attention to it. We also have slang for positive responses just as good vibrations (vibes), warm fuzzies, euphoria, giddiness; all over which are responses to hormones and chemicals in our body that are triggered by responses from external stimuli that we “sense”.

Ancient cultures and traditions have identified these energies with names like Qi or chi (or Ki in Japan), Chakras, Kundalini, halos. In the  books by Carlos Casteneda, the Yaquai Indian shaman Don Juan describes the energy that surrounds human as a luminous egg. The Aura is just another such name to describe this natural phenomena. It never ceases to cause me to wonder how much wisdom the ancient people gathered about the world around us because the didn’t have TV to distract them. In our modern world we rely more on technology than our senses to shape our perception. In some cases this is a blessing but more often it is a handicap. _________________________________________________________
This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is

Mary Rafail


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