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Welcome 2010!

January Newsletter

As I approach this new year and want to continue to build on the positive changes I’ve made in coming to New Life, I ask myself how to attract the right kind of clients so I can do the most good? The answer is that my best clients have been refer

red by existing clients. To encourage and reward this, our special this month is “Refer a friend-get a massage“. Sim

ple, you send me a new client, they get a massage (even at an employee or senior discount) and you get a massage certificate of equal value. Just give me the chance to get “my hands (pun intended) on them” and the rest takes care of itself!

I’ll even give you a free massage for every gift certificate you buy for a friend (gift certificate issued to a specific person over 18 and local resident) who has never been to us before. You already know how great your massages are, so help a friend feel healthier this year.


Remember the Employee and Senior special rates are still available through me. Always make sure you call me at 435 215-3480 to book your appointment.

What do you Dream? part four

Good news! Dream Interpretation classes begin Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm on January 21 here at New Life Chiropractic & Wellness Center. These classes will be free to the public and will be part lecture/part workshop. Space is limited so make sure to contact me to sign up. Don’t worry if you can’t make every class because each one will be loaded  with new information and fun to participate in.
Now to our final installment in the Dream series.
I’m going to share with you a couple of simple techniques that will make it easier to remember and program your dreams. Like many of us, you awake and remember only fragments of a dream. Perhaps you’ve even tried a dream journal but your notes are fragmentary and maybe even incoherent (you were probably still have asleep when you made the notes and they seemed to make sense at the time). You know there are important details in your dream but they quickly fade from memory. This first exercise is designed to create connectivity between the time you fall asleep and awaken.
*begin by repeating to yourself that you will clearly remember your dreams that come during this sleep period. Make sure TV’s, radios, music is off because auditory stimulation can greatly affect your dreams and may even implant suggestions (maybe that’s why you just had to buy a Sham-Wow or George Foreman Grill because you left the infomercials running all night while you slept). You can choose to set a pad of paper and pen on your bedstand to record and dreams you have. Have a glass of water ready and drink only half of it as you turn off the light and lie down to sleep. (Note: this exercise works best when you DON’T have to rely on an alarm to wake you. Try this during afternoon naps or on weekends when you are not a slave to the clock.) Upon waking, before you turn on a light or even attempt to write anything down, finish the other half of the glass of water. What you are doing is a little programming that this the transition between waking and sleep states is a fluid, connected period with now abrupt breaks. When something is smooth we see it as one activity rather than broken up chapters. You are programming your memory to be able to retrieve the dream because you are filing it in an orderly fashion because you dreamt with intent. Over time you will be able to remember dreams clearer because you are in control and they no longer scatter like roaches when the lights come on.
*when I was a child, I loved to weave my dreams and linger in that state between awake and asleep when the dreams began but I was still aware. Being a product of the TV generation, even a four and five years of age I can remember doing things like blinking my eyes to “change the channel” if I didn’t like the dream that was percolating from my unconscious. I can remember doing this many times until I found my happy dream that I could follow into sleep. As adults we get so caught up in time issues and such that we forgot how to have fun with sleeping. So this technique focuses on fun and it’s simply this; tell yourself what you want to dream. This works best for a nap especially if it’s on the couch or even a hammock as long as we are not in our normal place for sleep. When we sleep in bed we sleep deeper because subconsciously we are in a place that we feel safest and because we are letting the body take over to regenerate cells and heal tissue. When we nap in the easy chair or someplace NOT our “night time nest” we tend to sleep just a little less deep. Like the cat sleeping with a eye half opened, part of us stays alert because of instincts we have for self-preservation. Therefore since you are sleeping a little lighter you can use this time to order up a dream and stay a little more in control. Pick something you enjoy, a beach vacation, a romance, a picnic watching clouds go by. If you don’t like the direction the dream is going, try changing the channel or if you don’t like the way the dream is ending, try rewinding and choosing a different ending. Make it fun!
I urge you to employ some simple self-hypnosis techniques which is nothing more than stating to yourself that the sleep you experience will be healing, restorative, and refreshing. Tell yourself before each sleep that you WILL remember clearly those things that occur in your dreams that can aid you and help you be more aware.
In our classes we will share even more techniques and I hope that those who come will be able to share dreams with others so that we can all grow. No matter what you believe, no matter what your age, no matter what your health or background is; we all share the fact that we dream. Very little time is spent on this yet it involves almost one-third of our time on this world. It doesn’t take an expert to unravel your dreams, you are already an expert. If a person was a plumber for 8 hours a day for 40 years, would you consider them an expert? Well if you do the math, you’ve done enough dreaming in your life for ample experience, so isn’t tie to WAKE up the expert dreamer in you?

This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is

Lacy Williams


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