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Happy Holidays

December Newsletter

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Thanks for all the support to my articles on Dream interpretation, I will be forming classes after the first of the year, so here’s the next installment. ____________________________________________________________________-
What do you Dream? part three

The final classification of dream types is probably my favorite. There is so much history, lore, and belief system integration in this type of dream that the only question is not whether you believe this is possible, but how much do you believe (to what degree) that this occurs for all of us.

Astral/Clairvoyant Dreams

Tibetan monks have been experts in astral travel for thousands of years. Many in western religions believe that the veil can be pierced and that spirit worlds exist around us constantly. The New Testament tells of angelic visitations in dreams and often it is hard to distinguish between what maybe called a “vision” and a dream. As a young boy being raised in the LDS faith I was told of many circumstances where a loved one that had passed on had appeared to a family member to give counsel and solace. Since my own Father had passed away when I was 3 weeks old, many of these stories centered around him.
So in real-time, without the confines of the physical body, ancient tradition of many cultures believe that the dreamer is free to travel to distant places and check in on a person close to your heart. Often, we awake with a feeling that we need to contact that person if we sense that something is wrong or the opposite may occur where we awake with a feeling that all is well so that we can invest our emotional energy somewhere else.
Modern ESP experiments have focused on developing “remote viewing” skills. This is nothing more than a updated name for the term “clairvoyance”. Much was focused on the work of Edgar Cayce in the 1930’s and 1940’s, his followers have coined him as the “sleeping prophet” for the visions he related. My point being that there is not much difference in states of consciousness between a hypnotic trance such as Cayce’s, zoning out in a daydream, peyote hallucinations, or the dreams we have on a daily basis. When the dreamer discovers that the mind is free to travel without restriction between distant places in this world or realms of the spirit such as the “Astral plane” of the Tibetan monks, then this realisation adds a new dimension to the dream experience.
Now, I have no desire to mess with your beliefs, but rather to illustrate that within all of our belief systems there is some room for acceptance that when we make emotional connections with other people, we establish a line of communication with them. They become part of our spiritual sojourn in this world as so we connect with them on many dimensions. How many of us have had a phone call from someone only to find out that they had been thinking about us as well. No deeper, more mysterious meaning than that, just people emotionally connected reaching out for each other and perhaps some of that connecting takes place in our dreams.

Now that we know the different types of dreams, it is important to keep a dream journal. Begin to write down your dreams and see what class they belong too. What you will begin to notice is that there is a different flavor or texture to different types of dreams. In some you are more detached as though you are merely observing everything going on; in others, you are physically or emotionally involved to a great degree even waking up crying or kicking the wall (just like the family dog who yelps and whose legs move as if running in their dream). It’s only through getting familiar with your own dreams that you can literally program them and the different levels of your consciousness to achieve greater guidance in your life, emotional resolution, better health through more restful sleep and much more.

In our final article we will give you simple tips on how to program dreams. How to remember dreams better and how to become a dream weaver.

This month’s drawing winner for a free hour massage is

Alfonso Gonzales


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