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March Newsletter

Spring is almost here and it’s time for getting outdoors. Just a reminder to “Spring forward” with your clocks this weekend!
As you begin to emerge from your winter caves you might be thinking of ways to shed those extra pound and get your muscles back in shape. Let me introduce to Shari Dill, fitness coach and personal trainer.

Shari Dill

Shari Dill

Her clientele relies on her for help in recovery from injuries and improving the quality of their life. They range from someone who wants to gain enough strength to hold their grandbaby or get in shape to run their first 5k to competitve athletes. Shari loves to see people grow and improve and make positive changes to their lives. She incorporates a lot of stability exercises using the swiss ball (or fitness ball) which strengthens the core muscles and a Bosu ball (inflated half ball) that provides an unstable surface which makes the workouts more challenging by forcing the muscles to stabilize and contract. You can stand on the bosu while doing weight lifting exercises which will force you to balance and improve your core strength. It is amazing what great results you can get by just using your own body weight as resistance.

Shari holds a degree in nutrition and fitness and I am a certified personal trainer from the National Association of Sports Medicine. I have competed and trained for running, cycling and triathlon events taking age-group wins in both triathlon and running events including one overall Master win in October 2007. She works with clients in their homes or at local gyms such as Rezults and Anytime Fitness.
If you have found that New Years Resolutions, Diets, or just going to the gym haven’t gotten you the results you have desired, then perhaps it is time to have the positive and dynamic support of a coach like Shari in your corner. Shari is offering special discounts and pricing for those of you get this newsletter. It may surprise you how affordable this help can be, call Shari at 530-888-7729 or e-mail her at Make sure you let her know you heard about her here!
This month we will be participating in the Washington County School District Employee Health Fair. As you already know we offer employee discounts to employees of many local companies as well as to those who work for the school district. You can see which ones at
However, this month only…..EVERYONE GETS EMPLOYEE RATE!
That is $40.00 for a Full Hour Massage or $20.00 off any hour or longer treatment (Hot Stone, Lomi-Lomi, Reflexology Plus or 90 minute). To buy this online go to the specials page and where is asks for company name simply type in “March” or you can just pay that amount at the time of your appointment anytime this month.
BIO-LIFE Plasma Services.
Several months ago when my Son suggested I go to Bio-Life and donate plasma, I wasn’t very receptive. The very thought of it brought up images of the skid row wino selling blood to buy a bottle Ripple (that dates me, but I kept hearing positive things from clients and people who worked there who made me consider other things like how the donations save lives. So I decided to give it a try.
First benefit was getting a free physical. It was reassuring to know that my health was good. Besides knowing that my fat and cholestrol levels were good, my blood pressure pefect and pulse in the athletic range; I was impressed by the clean, professional atomosphere. Everyone there has been upbeat and acts genuinely glad to see that you are there. They do everything they can to make sure the experience is positive for you.
By donating, you can make as $50.00 a week for 90 minutes to 2 hours of your time. You can go before work or after and you can read a book, use the free wireless web, listen to your Itunes or watch a movie on your portable DVD (all these things I have done). The process is safe and comfortable. Some people have used the extra cash to save up for a trip (50 x 52 is $2400.00), just have some mad money, or even pay for massages.
It makes alot of sense that they would pick Southern Utah as a place to build a donation center as there is a higher percentage of people living here with a healthy lifestyle. If you think you are healthy enough to donate and would like to find out more go to
They have a referal program where you receive $10.00 for everyone you send to donate. If you decide to go, please put me down as the referer. If you do that I’ll give you a free half hour upgrade on your next massage. In addition, anytime you pay for your massage treatment using your BioLife Visa, I’ll give you an additional $5.00 off your treatment even if you are getting another discount (example: employee rate $20.00 off plus BioLife $5.00, you get $25.00 total discount).
In these days where everyone is talking about tough times and bad economy, donating can be just the boost you need to not have to give up some things you rely on for a good life. And remember, you’ll be doing good for others.


Cami Nelson  Sandy Wheeler  John Corriea

It pays to enter every month! click here to enter


A monthly massage is another easy and affordable resolution you can make to have a healthier new year…..


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