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tn_vintagenewyearsclipartvolii1_jpgHappy New Year!

Wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2009…

OOPS I did it again… Look for me January 8 through January 26 in the St George Musical Theater production of “Singing in the Rain“.

I was asked late in the rehearsal process to join the cast and was happy to be a part of the ensemble of this wonderful show. You will be surprized and delighted by al the great Tap dancinging as well as al the familar songs. To find out more got to

Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain



We all respond well to specific targets when it come to our goal setting. Vague starting or ending point don’t get much respect from our subconscious, so we end up seeming like procrastinators when we shoot for “someday’s, I get around to it, or even the haziest one of them all “tomorrow”. We set up conditions like, I’ll quit smoking when I finish this pack, carton, or the famous “I just won’t buy anymore” which turns us into the biggest moocher in town. (note: I smoked 35 years and have been completely smoke free 6 years 12/18/ I know these)

We are all familiar with and often dread “New Years Resolutions”. This is one of the clearest target dates we can wrap our head around, and great beginning date that is so specific; so why do we have so much trouble keeping our resolutions? One culprit is that we may be uncertain, unspecific or unclear about our goals and the conditions we set up for them. Think about playing chess without knowing the rules or condtions for victory. You wouldn’t be very successful at it and would quickly become frustrated with the effort. Summarily, we do the same thing with resolutions, which we see as promises to ourselves. We become subconscious promise breakers (ie:bad people break promises or so our inner child perceives) and the whole process becomes one of disappointment. So what can we do create success? Here are some ways to change your thinking about resolutions.

1) clearly define you goal. Don’t just say “I want to lose 10 pounds”. Be specific, “I want to lose 10 pounds by April 1st”

2) set up conditions for small victories along the way. Using the above formula (10 pounds) work on 1 pound a week. Build positive mental energy around each successful step. Too often we only see the mountain top rather than breaking it down into steps we can achieve each day.

3) Keep quiet!! This may seem strange but we tend to give our power away to others. We may be honestly seeking encouragement from others but more often we get the opposite. People will shoot you down with all the stories of how they tried, gave up, failed. They are used to and comfortable with the the way they see you and will drag you back to your familiar self image. Remember Michael Corleone in Godfather III, where he laments about his failed attempts to go legitimate; “Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in! (to crime)”

4) Do your homework. Even bad habits can become comfortable for us. You must therefore do a little sales job on your psyche. You must convince your subconsous that the new habit is truely better than the one you are used to. Since space abhors a vacuum, you must replace each bad habit with a new one that the mind perceives is better that the one it gives up.

5) Examine yourself. Are you making this change for yourself or to please others. Ultimately, you can only do it for yourself. You will not be successful being nagged into change, it must come from a clear choice.

Finally, I’m going to suggest a simply change everyone can easily do. Drink more water. I don’t care if it is the purest water from the virgin melted snow of the Alps or straight from the tap. We are lucky to have pretty good tap water here in Southern Utah, I have lived where it came out cloudy, smelling of chemicals, or even came out with a head like draft beer.

We all know the benefits of drinking more water. So here’s a tip to create success. Don’t think about drinking water, instead make a habit out of carrying a water bottle. Begin to think as you leave the house: cell phone-check, keys-check, water bottle-check. Tip 2, Become an expert sipper, set up the reward of punctuating each sentence or paragraph with a sip. Too often we hear about drinking so many glasses or quarts of water each day and all we can do is hear the sloushing of so much water in our tummies. Climb the mountain a sip at a time. Build a winning team, if you must have a support group hang out with those who already drink more water. Don’t talk someone else into joining with you as you then become invested in their success or failure.

People who drink more water have less aches and pains in their muscles because they improve circulation which includes delivering nutrients to the cells and carrying away the waste and toxins.



Beth Nichols    Susan Yeaton    Kevin Wright

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