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December Newsletter

December Newsletter
Happy Holidays to all of you!
2 for 1 gift certificates… on any massage service from the ever popular Reflexology at just $35.00 to the yummy Hot Stone Massage at $75.00 or a full hour ($60.00) or 90 minute Massage ($90.00). Pick the right gift for those you love available until Christmas on-line here to purchase

ACUPUNCTURE is now available at Salone Sienne. Dave Flater, Lac. will be sharing my space and providing Acupuncture on Wednesday (other times by appointment) , so that will be my day off. He has 2 great offers so that you can take advantage of this service.

Introductory Special an initial consultation plus full hour treatment for just $45.00 ( an $80.00 value)

Christmas Special 2 for 1 Gift Certificates for just $80.00 for a full hour Acupuncture session.

To take advantage of these great specials and learn more about Dave and Acupuncture

click here



You can now view my appointment schedule on-line. Use this to confirm your appointment or to check and see if a time is available before you call to schedule. For now you can only view the calendar, in the future we hope to add on-line booking and more.

go to:



Massage is usually a pretty passive experience. We want you to relax and enjoy the treatment, but we also need your feedback which can be hard to do because:

1) I’m in lala leave me alone
2) I’m not sure if it’s supposed to feel this way..Besides he knows what he’s doing
3) It’ll be over soon anyway.. so just grin and bear it
4) hmm I have to pick up the kids at 4 and stop by the store..oh wait, I’m supposed to be relaxed.
5) is that a hangnail or is Freddy Kruger giving this massage.
6) maybe he won’t notice I didn’t shave my legs
7) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
8) No pain no Gain..right?
9) oh yeah right, breathe….
10) cold hands..yikes

All kidding aside. Feedback is important after all it’s your body and it’s your massage. Most therapists (as do I) enjoy the challenge and break from the routine when clients have special requests. I once had a client who told me at the beginning of her session that she wanted to start laying on her back and didn’t want me to use any forearms or elbows. It was clear she knew what she wanted and liked and although this threw me out of my routine it ended up being a great session for both of us.
The worst thing you can do is lay there and suffer. If something doesn’t feel good a simple change may make all the difference such as more lotion to reduce friction or changing the tool from knuckles to palm. There are many strokes and ways to do them and as always, it’s my job to adjust to you not make you adapt to my style. Ladies, if you have tender breasts or have had augmentation, there is simple bolstering we can do that can ease discomfort. With the addition of a couple of towels to support your shoulders and ribcage, most of the pressure is taken off of the tender areas. Similar bolstering can be used for any sensitive area or injury so that the massage does not add unwanted pressure to those areas.
This goes for climate control too. Let me know if you’re too hot. Uncovering the feet (the bodies built in thermostats) can help you to cool off quickly. Or if your cold, don’t be afraid to ask for a blanket which I always keep handy.
All this might seem like common sense, but even I sometimes find it hard to communicate when I’m getting a massage, so I know both sides of the table. Yes, I look for signs of discomfort such as tensing up, clenching fists, or even the occasional scream but all in all I can’t read minds, so make sure your massage is great by giving a little guidance. Oh yes, 00hs and ahs count as feedback too, a little encouragement is like applause to an actor, you’ll get a better performance.

*note: I received some great response on Novembers article “How you can change the path of Health care” and I wanted to make it very clear that in no way was I trying to make massage seem superior to other forms of health care. My primary intention was to point out that choices are limited under today’s insurance options. I will continue to beat the pulpit for more choices which make for better and more Holistic health care. I do apologize if in my zeal it appeared that I was putting down any other health care profession.


Debbie Warren     Rosemarie Swallow    Corey Stevens

Congratulations! After I put out the reminder to enter every month we had close to 40 people enter last month. Thanks and once again I encourage to enter again and tell your friends.

It pays to enter every month! click here to enter

Thanks to Dave Flater we have one more winner this month for a Free ACUPUNCTURE Session. Congratulations to Marci Ware ________________________________________________________________________________

Give the gift of Massage! And who deserves that gift more than you?


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