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October Newsletter

Well the St George Marathon is over for another year. Thanks to all the volunteers who made it great this year. A special thanks to those who offered host homes and to our corporate sponsors who made the therapists feel appreciated.


Please visit my website for this month’s specials 2 for $99.00 or 3 for $122.00 (full hour massages)

You can now view my appointment schedule online. Use this to confirm your appointment or to check and see if a time is available before you call to schedule. For now you can only view the calendar, in the furture we hope to add online booking and more.

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Why we love back rubs.

Most of my blog articles are inspired by actual questions and conversations I have with my clients, Hopefully this allows me to focus on the real questions you have and I am always open to responding in these posts to your concerns and curiosities. With that in mind, I was asked the other day during a session “why does getting your back massaged feel so good?”

The answer to this has less to do with the number of nerve endings and more to do with the genetic, social conditioning we higher mammals enjoy. The same triggers we have that cause a baby and mother to bond with each other and why we care for each other. Obviously, we are relatively helpless in our early development and require a high amount of nuturing. Touch is a big factor in this. Babies will respond to being picked up and cue into our emotions. The more stressed we are the less likely the baby will be comforted, while the more peaceful and serene we are the more likely the baby will be soothed by our efforts.

Because we are unable to reach our on backs, like the baby we are dependant on the help and care of others. For most of us this becomes a social part of our well being. Thanks to the efforts of people like Jane Goodall we have been able to observe Chimps and Gorillas in their native habitat and we see that in those times that aren’t spent foraging, much time is spent grooming each other. It is a show of trust to be able to turn one’s back and have the other groom those areas that can’t be reached. Besides the health benefits of controlling parasites, much like our barbers and hair stylists it improves appearance to smooth the hair/fur. Another element is the endorphines and hormones that are released in response to touch. We are just now beginning to understand how important a role these “bio” chemicals play in our well being.

Look what the cat does when you go to pet it; the cat will arch it back to meet the stroke of your hand as a signal of its pleaseure and acceptance of the touch. Elephants and Bears have been known to stratch their backs by rubbing against the bark of trees and still other kinds of animal will roll around in the dirt. Horses will stand end to end to help keep flies off each other and we have all seen horses and Giraffes rub necks and nuzzle each other.

So my contention is that we are wired and programmed for touch paticularily in those hard to reach areas of backs and feet. I always notice those families in church who sit there throughout the service scratching or gently rubbing each others backs.

I feel sorry for those few who were less nutured and don’t feel comfortable with touch. Perhaps they associate touch in negative ways such as an invasion of space or privacy. Chances are they may have been social outcasts early in life or don’t come from families who were physically demonstrative. It makes me happy when I give someone their first massage because I know that deep down I am passing on a caring touch as well as a healing touch.



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Congratulations! It pays to enter every month!


Remember to look for Michael in St George Musical Theaters “Ghost Tours”

October 16th through October 30th


Give the gift of Massage! And who deserves that gift more than you?


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